GRAD Development & Diversity leads efforts within UChicagoGRAD to create, sustain, and coordinate practices throughout the University that support:

  1. the academic, scholarly, and career development of graduate students and postdocs from historically underrepresented and marginalized groups; and
  2. all graduate students and postdocs in incorporating diversity in their scholarly lives.


Celina Chatman Nelson, Ph.D., Associate Director

Jasmine Benjamin (Political Science), Higher Education Administration Intern

Carlos Cardenas-Iniguez (Psychology/Integrative Neuroscience), Higher Education Administration Intern

Sonia Gomez (History), Higher Education Administration Intern

GRAD Diversity Advisory Board

The GRAD Diversity Advisory Board comprises graduate student representatives from all academic divisions and the professional schools whose students regularly utilize UChicagoGRAD resources. Currently, board membership reflects students who identify as members of racial/ethnic groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the professoriate and who have consistently demonstrated a commitment to enhancing diversity, inclusion, access, and equity in higher education. The board advises UChicagoGRAD in its continuing efforts to develop targeted programs and resources related to diversity in graduate education and experience.

GRAD Diversity Administrators Working Group

The GRAD Diversity Administrators Working Group comprises professional staff across graduate divisions and schools and other administrative units, all of whom work closely with graduate students and/or postdocs. Members serve a range of roles in the university, including deans of students, program administrators, and advisors. The group meets at least twice each quarter to coordinate efforts toward enhancing diversity in graduate education and experience and engages students, student groups, and postdocs to broaden participation. . Please contact Celina Chatman Nelson (celinacn@uchicago.edu) if you are interested in joining.